Friday, August 7, 2020

Why Journalists and Academics Really Hate Trump So Much

I don't think that envy is a part of this.  People hate Trump because he stands in the way of their agenda.  This started with the open border agenda, which is really just designed to create more Democrat voters, so they immediately accused him of racism. The moment he talked about criminals and rapists coming across the border, some people legitimately thought that he was racist, but others just saw him as an impediment to their plans.  The fact that he reflects the opinions of many Americans, if not the majority, and mostly tells the truth in his own boorish way doesn't help.

Wednesday, August 5, 2020

He Predicted a Trump Win in 2016. What's His Forecast For 2020? | NYT Op...

From: Albert Nelms 

This is very informative, concise, and interesting. Well worth your time.

Get Free Coffee at Panera Bread

I've been getting free coffee for about 3 weeks.  I need to cancel the coffee subscription by the end of September in order not to be charged.

Portland Protesters attack a pickup

On Wed, Aug 5, 2020 at 10:02 AM Larry Trout wrote:
Protesters attack a pickup and ram a pickup with a motorcycle, then throw it in front of a truck to prevent it from leaving...

The night before....

Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Climate change

It has taken 140 years for the Earth's temperature to go up 1-degree celsius. The climate crisis is just a political agenda pushed by a very biased IPCC. Their actions have shown extreme bias, such as not hiring anyone who did not already believe in catastrophic man-made warning, which is what they are supposed to evaluate, trying to censor papers by skeptical scientists, trying to hide the massive 2007 decline in temperature, calling for the elimination of capitalism, having 1/3 of their staff be members of an environmental lobbying group, which is a conflict of interest since they are a government organization part of the UN, and finally calling catastrophic man-made warning "their religion."

The predictions are that we will go from 400 parts per million atmospheric CO2 to 800 parts per million by the year 2100, at which time we will have used up most fossil fuels. The Climate Sensitivity to the doubling of CO2 is predicted to be 1.5 to 3 degrees Celsius depending upon who you ask. This predicted Climate Sensitivity has gone down considerably over time to better match the observations.

We are not in a climate crisis. Deadly storms have dropped in half. All the climate models have predicted more heat than what reality has produced. The climate modelers admit that they can't accurately predict the effect of clouds, which we will get more of as the Earth warms. There is widespread disagreement about whether clouds produce negative or positive feedback. For 20 years the skeptics have predicted that clouds would cause negative feedback.

The benefit of increased CO2 on the greening of the Earth is massive, allowing us to have record crop yields to feed a larger world population. Sea level rise has been modest, although still potentially a danger.

CO2 does not block infrared radiation. It scatters it in all directions. You have to keep doubling the level of CO2 to get the same effect as the last doubling, which means that there is a logarithmic return. So it is logical that as CO2 goes up that we would reach a new temperature equilibrium.

There is strong evidence that the sun and the Earth's precessing orbit in something called the Milankovich cycles are the primary drivers of temperature. Geological data over long time periods show temperature increases preceding CO2 increases and not the other way around. This is because temperature increases cause the oceans to release CO2 gasses stored in them. To be honest, the temperature cycle is augmented by the released CO2.

Sadly, we are running out of CO2. Look at the CO2 level data for the last 20 million years and you will see a nosedive until humans reversed this trend. (Natural processes sequester CO2 underground as it combines with rock in the presence of moisture.) This is the reason that we have been in the Pleistocene ice age for the last 2.5 million years. During the last period of glaciation, just over 15,000 years ago, the CO2 level dropped to just above the level that all plants die from lack of CO2. If this trend were allowed to continue, had we not intervened, eventually, the CO2 levels will get too low to sustain plant life. The next period of glaciation will happen in about 10,000 to 15,000 years unless we do something to prevent it, and these periods of glaciations over geological time periods have caused massive declines in human population.

The brief warm period that the Earth experienced over the last 10,000 years is a bit of anomaly. It is no coincidence that all of human civilization arose during this brief warm period, starting in the Fertile Crescent in the middle east. It is here that 10,000 years ago humans first learned how to use grains, and this gave rise to civilization leading to everything we know today. (Interestingly enough, about 300 years after humans learned to make bread, they learned how to make beer, which has been a major part of human civilization ever since. The ancient Egyptians paid the pyramid builders with beer. They were expert beer makers, and beer was a regular part of the Egyptian diet. They used to make a porridge consisting of beer mixed with grains and eat it for breakfast.)
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John Coffey

Do Black Lives Matter Donations REALLY Go to Black Lives?

Why kids hate reading & why public school is at fault.

Sunday, August 2, 2020

Germans protest masks and social distancing

Maybe this was all predictable. If you were writing a novel about a pandemic, you could not a write better story. There are many unknowns, which causes uncertainty and agitation. We can't even agree on the death rate of the disease, because the numbers people come up with are all over the place. There are a great many numbers that seem way optimistic. I have seen multiple people, some of which I know, claim that they would not take the vaccine when and if it becomes available. People are protesting having to wear masks and social distance. I regularly see people claim that wearing a mask is a sign that you have been brainwashed. Some scientists are saying that it is safe for children to return to school, while others are saying the opposite. In parts of the country, some teachers are saying that they won't teach if the schools reopen.

The problem is that nobody is on the same page.  I thought that a crisis like this would bring us together, but it is more like it split us apart.

I do not consider wearing a face mask an infringement on my freedom. It is the equivalent of wearing a hard hat at a construction site. The danger is real, and we have to act accordingly. Masks provide a small amount of protection for us, which is far better than not wearing a mask, and a greater protection for others.  



Very rambling, but relevant.  He talks about how people are trying to divide us into groups and how group identity is controlling our opinions.  He also rambles about other things.

Saturday, August 1, 2020

Brexit Morons

I'm sure that I have sent this before, so don't watch it if you don't want to, but I just love the way Pat Condell phrases things, and what he says seems just as relevant to the U.S., and even more so today than it did 2 years ago.


This disease is not done with us yet. Almost exactly 1% of the state has been infected. The number of cases has doubled since the beginning of June. Does that mean that 2% will be infected by the beginning of October? I don't know, but two months ago we were having 500 new cases per day, and now it is closer to a thousand.

I don't know why, but the death rate in Utah compared to Indiana is several times less.

We can beat this disease by having everyone wear a mask in public and take precautions. This is not like the flu. COVID-19 attacks your organs and your heart. Be careful.



A Dangerous Precedent


I find myself wondering if a Mexican person with a passport can just enter the U.S. (before the pandemic) or if that is restricted?  I know that people from the U.S. went to Mexico all the time.

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I went onto Google maps and used Street View to see the "wall" at several different locations.  It is easier to see on the Mexican side.  Roads in Mexico to exit the country to the US tend to run along the wall for some reason.  The areas on the Mexican side also tend to have many shops and businesses.  On the US side, there might not be anything but desert, or there might be a city there.

I don't like that we have to build a wall.  It is not beautiful as Trump said.  It is kind of ugly, but I think that it is necessary.

I am starting to think that different cultures have a hard time integrating together.  Look at all the problems that we have had.  Some people can come here and do well.  Others might hate us, or at least despise us.  At the moment we apparently despise ourselves.


On Sat, Aug 1, 2020 at 8:09 PM Albert Nelms wrote:
Allowing illegal aliens to obtain professional licenses will set a dangerous precedent not only for New Jersey, but for the rest of the nation.


‘Cancel culture’ crew nearly got me ‘expelled’ before I’d even started college

The administration at Marquette took the side of those trying to cancel me. In July, the dean of undergraduate admissions, Brian Troyer, and the associate dean of students, Erin Lazzar, ­arranged a Zoom meeting with me. "The content you are pushing out has created this environment that is contrary to a learning environment that we hope our students are ­engaged in," Lazzar said.

They were referring to my ­social-media support for the president, my belief that biological sex is immutable and my restrictionist position on illegal immigration — all views held by tens of millions of our fellow citizens on issues over which people can reasonably disagree.

During the discussion, the ­administrators emphasized that I wasn't yet a student and that my admission wasn't finalized. This implied threat came despite the fact that I had accepted my admissions offer, submitted the $500 ­deposit to secure my position and paid for my housing.

Most galling: Marquette administrators showed no interest in my wellbeing or in defending my free-speech rights. There has been no indication that the students who targeted me with mass harassment have been, or ever will be, disciplined. Marquette has made clear it isn't committed to protecting the free expression of conservatives like me.

Riots, Not Protests: The Media Is Gaslighting You

Fwd: Jim Jordan WRECKS Fauci, or does he?


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From: John Coffey
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Subject: Re: Jim Jordan WRECKS Fauci, or does he?
To: Albert Nelms 

On Sat, Aug 1, 2020 at 2:24 AM Albert Nelms wrote:
> Jim Jordan just wanted Fauci to say COVID-19 will spread in large protests where distancing and masks are ignored.

Actually, Dr. Fauci did say this and is on the record as having said that the protests would spread the virus.  What Jim Jordan tried to do is to get Dr. Fauci to say that the government should regulate or prohibit the protests, to which he responded that those with the power to do so should make that decision.  Obviously the question was loaded like he was trying to trap Dr. Fauci.  

Unfortunately, Jim Jordan made himself look bad. Fauci gave a totally accurate response and then Jim Jordan tried to jump all over Fauci and put words in his mouth that Fauci completely did not say.  He was clearly trying to set up Fauci.  This is just bad politics, if not dirty politics.

Listen to what Fauci actually says.

> My gripe with Fauci is when people look up to you, then you should lead. You can't lead part-time. Either you're 100% committed to leadership or you stay out of this role. If you want to lead, then you must lead by example. Once you claim a leadership role, it's a 24 hour, 7 day a week job. As a leader, your not allowed to treat it as a job. You don't become a leader when you punch the clock and then be something else when you punch out. I thought Fauci, not wearing his mask at the baseball game and not social distancing shows his lack of leadership. It shows he has a rules are for thee and not for me. When asked why he wasn't wearing a masked he said it was because he needed to drink water. Everyone can see his answer was not true. It may have been partially true, he needed water And too catch his breath, but it wasn't completely true. Why no social distancing?

You seem to not complain about Fauci's recommendations, but his personal character.  You don't know Fauci.  I try not to judge people's character unless they give me a really good reason to.

All these complaints seem petty to me, as well all the people who are saying, "Fauci is a scumbag", "Fauci is a hypocrite", "Fauci is a fraud", "Fauci is a liar", etc.

Imagine if reporters photographed your every move and then only showed the one part that made you look bad.  They certainly could find a way to make you look bad.  I think that you are being played.

> In retrospect, Fauci should simply have told the truth. He should of said I was hot, exhausted, and thirsty. I drank some water and needed to collect my breath. I became so happy to at the ballpark, I forgot about social distancing and wearing my mask. I should remind myself to follow my own advice in the future. Everyone would have been ok with that answer, because everyone understands what he's saying.

I think that this entire incident is taken out of context and blown out of proportion. I'm quite satisfied with his answer that he took his mask off temporarily because he was dehydrated and needed to drink water.  He probably gets tested regularly, and he was with his wife and a close friend that he probably feels safe with.  And there was nobody else around him, so I would argue that he was social distancing.  If you were out with your wife you wouldn't feel a need to social distance from her.

> The point is, when a senior public official is willing to quibble on the smallest of issues like wearing a mask. It shows a character flaw. What large issues Is Fauci willing to quibble about. What tightrope of twisted stories, omissions, and lies is he willing to weave? How many people will suffer and die because of them. How many have all ready suffered and died?

How often does Trump wear a mask?  Almost never.  Yet, Fauci takes his off for five minutes and people want to crucify him.

> Anyways, this is my take on Fauci. I hope he'll find a way to be a leader. We don't need medical politicians. We need medical professionals who will uphold their Hippocratic Oath regardless of the political environment.
> On Fri, Jul 31, 2020 at 10:07 PM John Coffey <> wrote:

If you want me to hate Fauci, it is going to take more than this.  Seems like people hate him because they think that he is a liberal.

Best wishes,

John Coffey


Unfortunately, Jim Jordan made himself look bad. Fauci gave a totally accurate response and then Jim Jordan tried to jump all over Fauci and put words in his mouth that Fauci completely did not say.

Listen to what Fauci actually says.

I have friends telling me, "Fauci is a scumbag", "Fauci is a hypocrite", "Fauci is a fraud", "Fauci is a liar", etc.

However, it seems to me that people are using Fauci as a punching bag, maybe out of frustration.