Sunday, October 4, 2009

Response to Ebert (Post from last year.)

In response to Ebert's article   I wrote this ...

As much as I love Ebert, I am appalled by what I read here.   It is setting up a straw man argument and knocking it down.   The left is always looking to the more extreme examples and calling the right either crazy or stupid.   Ebert says that they vote against their own self interest.

Obama says that the right have no plans and just want to keep the status quo, when this far from truth.   My point is that nobody is listening to what the Republicans are really saying.

The American people understand that socialism has never worked.   They understand that this country was founded on the principle of limited government.   They understand that giving the government too much power is dangerous. They understand that we are going broke under a mountain of public debt, that the unfunded liabilities of social security, Medicare, and Medicare are already unsustainable, and that the government is already living way beyond its means.

Never mind expanding the government.   The current system is unsustainable.   In the future, ordinary tax payers will have to pay 50 to 60% of their income in taxes just to support what has already been promised.

The tenth amendment to the Constitution, part of the Bill of Rights, limits the power of the federal government. Since the 1930's it has been completely ignored.   Like many Americans, I want a return to constitutional government.

Glenn Beck has pointed out how extreme the people Obama has surrounded himself with are, and some of the extreme statement they have made.   For this the press is treating him like a nut case.  Because people don't sign onto the left wing socialist utopia, they are called nut cases.

GDP per capita is inversely proportional to tax rates throughout the entire world.   It is dangerous and counter productive to give government too much power.   Do you really want the government controlling your life?   Do you trust the government?   If the government is trustworthy now, will it still be trustworthy 20 or 40 years from now?

Best wishes,

John Coffey