Wednesday, July 19, 2023

Fwd: Watch "My student loan is not my responsibility!"


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From: Albert 

After watching this I'm thinking about taking out a mortgage in hopes that the government (i.e. taxpayers) pay off my loan for me. Lol

Thursday, July 6, 2023

10 Taboo Questions About History and Society

I'm not endorsing everything he says here.

It seems very flawed to say that war is a force for good because of the scientific and medical advancements that happened during war.  Those advancements would have happened anyway, perhaps more slowly, but maybe more quickly because we wouldn't be spending most of our wealth trying to destroy each other.  Nobody thinks that we should go to war to advance science.  What creates innovation is a free market.

World War 1 is responsible for the spread of the Spanish Flu that killed at least 50 million people.

Sometimes war is necessary to stop aggression.

Structural Racism Flowchart | American Heart Association

The Marxist left has been trying to divide people politically based on race.  The left promotes an agenda where any disparity is due to racism.  Yet, I don't know anyone who is racist.  They claim that although individuals might not be racist, the system is flawed, which is true when we talk about generational poverty.  However, this is the rationale for abandoning the system entirely and replacing it with something much more authoritarian.  This is the real agenda.  It is about power, which the far left wants at any cost.  They don't really care about society.  They want to be in control.

People today aren't responsible for the sins of the past.  Race relations were improving significantly until agitators promoted a divisive agenda.  It wasn't perfect, but we had the most racially harmonious society on the planet.  By comparison, almost all Asian countries are extremely racially biased, and racism in Europe is on the rise.