Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Re: Obama plays to win

We have two very different visions about the proper role of government and how to deal with the current financial downturn.  (Obama said this.  I am saying it too.)  

Obama is for sure the better debater.  I think that Obama will win the debate.  However, I think that the country is shifting back toward conservative ideas.  Polls show this.  Obama was the most liberal senator in the senate.   The country still leans slightly conservative.  I think the only way Obama could have gotten elected was because of a Bush backlash that was partially deserved, but also partially due to widespread misconceptions and a press that cooperated for years to bash Bush.  Also, McCain was not a real strong candidate.  There were other factors like a strong minority vote and strong student support, neither of which are currently as strong for Obama.

For these reasons, Romney does not have to win the debate to win the election.  He only needs a close 2nd place and he also needs to show that he is not some sort of crackpot.

BTW, the election should be about the policies that the candidates want to implement.  Instead, Obama has done a remarkable job of attacking Romney for who his is, which is a rich businessman.  This has a lot of traction and might actually work, but I don't know if it will last till election day.  It might.

One final thought:  I am pretty sure that Romney will get attacked because of his religion.  Although I don't agree with his religion,  I am around Mormons all the time and they have given me no reason to be biased against them. 

Best wishes,

John Coffey

Collin Nuss wrote:

I can't wait for the debate, even though Mitt Romney will have a lot of advantages ; I think it will be a hard one for both of them because Obama is good at debates. 

From: John Coffey
Subject: Obama plays to win

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