Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Fwd: Russia

'He promised then Russian President Dmitry Medvedev that he would have "more flexibility" to deal with Russia in a manner both parties would prefer in his second term. When the Russians took this pledge literally and promptly invaded Ukraine, Obama imposed new sanctions on Moscow and began to provide Ukraine with non-lethal aid in order to repel the invasion. All the while, Obama assured reporters that "it's not a new Cold War​​​." The latest front in the president's quixotic fight to move America beyond 20th Century precepts is his unilateral decision to extend diplomatic relations to the communist government in Cuba.

For some reason, the Russians never got the memo. Russia opened Obama's second term by banning Americans from adopting Russian children. Moscow responded to Obama's decision to repair relations with Havana by sending a Russian military vessel to dock in the Cuban capital's port. Today alone, NATO has implicated Russia for complicity if not involvement in a new rocket attack on a Ukrainian city. This cheery development was compounded by the news that the FBI broke up a Russian spy ring in Manhattan that was seeking to infiltrate the American banking system. But it's not a new Cold War.

According to the FBI, Buraykov was an active participant in the spy ring that was charged with both collecting information and recruiting New York City residents to betray their country.'




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