Saturday, December 17, 2016

Global Warming

This graphic is so insulting to people's intelligence. Any educated person in the 15nth century knew that the earth was round. People have known this for 2,300 years. Instead Columbus asserted that you could get to India faster by sailing west. He was wrong.

Climate skeptics are not deniers. The skeptics believe that humans are warming the planet, but at a moderate rate that isn't going to be much of a problem. It has taken 136 years for the Earth to warm by just 0.85 degrees Celsius.

The skeptics have been saying the same thing for 25 years. The argument is all about the feedbacks. The direct effect of a doubling of global atmospheric CO2 is well understood by everyone to result in a global temperature increase of 1.1 degrees Celsius. The alarmists claim that positive feedbacks will multiply this between two and tenfold. However, the positive feedback models remain unproven and are unsupported by the data.

There is a global warming industry that is profiting tens of billions of dollars yearly from government research grants. These people have a vested interest in the alarmism. The IPCC is staffed by Greenpeace types. People have resigned in disgust from the IPCC because they claim the organization is too biased. (And people in the global warming movement have claimed that their goal is to get rid of Capitalism.)

Of the thousands of papers written about global warming, less than 1% assert that global warming is happening and is going to be a problem. The vast majority of papers are of the type that try to predict what will happen if global warming occurs. For example, "How global warming will affect the mating habits of frogs."

The people who have a vested interest in alarmism are claiming that the science is settled. The science will not be settled until there is conclusive data to support their assertions. Right now we are not even close. I calculated from existing data that the Climate Sensitivity to a doubling of CO2 was not the 2 to 12 degrees Celsius that the alarmists predict, but only 1.18 degree Celsius. (Official predictions of Climate Sensitivity have been going down for years because their original predictions were way off.)

Moderate increases in CO2 have been highly beneficial to humanity resulting in a greening of the Earth.


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