Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Fwd: Rosie rants

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The MSNBC host tweeted, "It's actually time for someone to sit SHS down and say 'yes, you have a tough job, yes, you are smoother than Spicer and more stable than Mooch, but if you ever use your taxpayer funded job again to denigrate the Intelligence of a reporter or a sitting US Senator, you're fired.'"

A day later, O'Donnell replied to Wallace's initial tweet.

"[And] who on trumps team would ever consider doing that - she is doing exactly what he wants - and she will sit in hell - no doubt"

O'Donnell also took to Twitter to discuss poltics with other users who were tweeting about President Trump. 

On the same day, Daniel Dale, Washington correspondent for the Toronto Star, tweeted about the Trump administration's health care policy, to which O'Donnell replied, "Trump is the darkness itself."

O'Donnell's Tuesday Twitter comments about Sanders came a day after the star lashed out against CNN's Chris Cuomo for his interview with White House adviser Kellyanne Conway

 "Chris - spare us ur journalistic heroics - she lies Chris - u put her on - and u act stunned - indignant - YOU KNOW SHE LIES - WE KNOW SHE LIES - STOP TALKING TO HER CHRIS - u r no ones hero captain obvious - YOU ARE THE GATEKEEPERS CUOMO!!!! DO UR JOB DAMN IT #DONTBOOKLIARS," she wrote.

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