Friday, April 30, 2021

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For almost a year now, we've been hearing the sermon that any officer killing any suspect of color under any circumstances is proof, not only of the inherent racism of the officer in question, but also of the systematic racism of institutional policing. That's still "true" within the orbits of the increasingly ideological Left but we new have a corollary to that dogma: An officer killing a suspect of color to save the life of another person of color is also racism.  

It also shows something deeper and more troubling: That, for the modern Left, justice is about as relevant as the dodo. In a just society, we would mourn Bryant's death (because no one should be happy when lethal force has to be used, particularly on one so young) but the mourning would be heavily tempered with the honest acknowledgment that she was in the wrong and needed to be stopped before she deprived another girl of her life. We can no longer have that without the risk of being dubbed a white supremacist or something equally horrible. And that places us in a very precarious position because it illustrates that none of us can expect to receive justice if we are wronged.

The Left's reaction to the Bryant shooting is a clear indicator that maintaining the ideological narrative trumps giving a person his due; even if that involves the alchemy of making a criminal a victim at the expense of the real victim and the real hero. It also raises another question. If the end of society is justice, as Alexander Hamilton said, then what are we left with when justice is wadded up and thrown into the trash?
The answer is a totalitarian society,

As many have pointed out on social media after the shooting: George Floyd's videotaped death was said to be so clear that it was obvious Derek Chauvin was guilty; there was hardly any point in even having a trial. A blind man, we were told, could see that he was a racist murderer. Ma'Khia Bryant's videotaped death, on the other hand, is so unclear that anyone who actually believes what his eyes tell him must be said to be aiding and abetting the killing of black Americans by racist cops.
In other words: The Left has gone from mind control via the creation of thought crime and the tying of everything to racism (which is the distinguishing characteristic of totalitarianism as opposed to authoritarianism) to now controlling even the raw, sensory data that we intake.

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