Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Here Is What We Can Expect With the Omicron Variant


I agree with Ben Shapiro that there is a short-term overreaction to the Omicron variation.  The stock market took a short-term beating.  This is mostly out of fear of what the government is going to do in response to the variant.

However, I think that Fauci is accurate when he says that we don't know yet how much of a problem this variant will be, but we should be prepared just in case.  If I had Fauci's job, I would be trying to maintain accuracy, so I would emphasize what we do know and what we don't.  This means making qualified statements.  Many people want absolute answers from Fauci that he can't provide, but he tends to err on the side of caution because that's his job.  I don't agree with those who denounce Fauci as either a liar or as some sort of dictator.  The commentators use him as a convenient punching bag because he is the most visible.

This pandemic has produced a difficult situation, and despite all the rhetoric, I think that (most) public officials are trying to do the best that they can.

I agree with those who are against further lockdowns and vaccine mandates.  We should give free choice a chance.  I am very pro-vaccine, but I don't want the government forcing people to take something that they don't want. 

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