Saturday, June 18, 2022

Comments to Biden emergency oil power

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From: Larry 

        • 4 hours ago
          Democrats totally lack any logic in their brains.  They are unable to connect the dots and see the consequences of their policies. Like defunding cops wouldn't result in an increase in crime. Like stopping oil exploration and development wouldn't result in increased prices. Like spending trillions of dollars wouldn't result in high inflation. Like decriminalizing shoplifting wouldn't result in an explosion of shoplifting. Like decriminalizing drugs wouldn't result in more dealing, crime to support habits, and overdoses.
        • 4 hours ago
          Waging war on fossil fuels decades before alternatives are sufficient is just like pulling troops out of Afganistan before removing military equipment and evacuees. That's Joe's way, backwards logic.
          • 3 hours ago
            Can you imagine our troops waiting around for 8 hours for their tanks and trucks to be recharged??? Sitting Ducks.
            • 4 hours ago
              A poster earlier - "he sold the mule and bought a plow"

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