Wednesday, June 8, 2022

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A great response to an interesting comment thread dominated by a commentor  named Gemma and responses to her

Jamicyn  Gemma  3 days ago

Perhaps it's more difficult for you to see depending on when you grew up. For most who grew up during the millennial generation or following generations proceeding I'm sure it would be difficult to see what people are describing as woke in the entertainment industry. For those of us who are a bit older and subsequently grew up during a period when these things didn't exist; it's disheartening to see things we grew up with as children changed to suit a specific narrative. Some of us remember characters, like for instance in the Star Wars franchise, we watched these characters grow to become the extraordinary heros we've come to love. In today's Star Wars franchise we see a female character who never developed as a character. She never overcame any struggles or failures she simply was strong only because she was a female; which those at Disney who were involved in the project admitted was their intent. So for many of us I suppose that grew up in a different time the world has become a much different place and not necessarily for the better.

Read the thread and Gemma's comments and peoples responses

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