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Some Reasons why People Suck

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The data shows the temperature has taken 140 years to go up 1 degree Celsius.  This is relative to a dangerous and deadly cold period in the 1880's.  This slow rate of change shows that there is no climate emergency.  The current rate of change is at most 0.2 degrees per decade. 

We will be running out of most fossil fuels by the year 2100.  Coal will be the last fossil fuel to go.  At the current level of usage, we only have 40 years of oil reserves remaining. 

CO2 is a valuable resource.  It keeps the earth from freezing and it is plant food.  There is a greening of the earth because of it. 

The CO2 level over the last 40 million years has been in a nose dive.  This is because calcifying marine organisms sequester CO2 (indirectly).  The CO2 level got so low during the last period of mass glaciation that it reached 180 parts per million.  This is just barely above the 150 parts per million where all the terrestrial plants die. 

A funny thing happens to the climate roughly every 100,000 years.  The data shows that the temperature will quickly shoot up 8 to 15 degrees, level off for 10,000 years, and then go back down almost as quickly.  Then we get 85 to 90 thousand years of mass glaciation where New York is covered by ice. 

We should already be in the cool-down cycle of the interglacial.  The only thing that has prevented the planet from cooling is those pesky humans who added 150 parts per million CO2 into the atmosphere.  The infrared absorption range of CO2 is much narrower than other gasses like water vapor, and it has already reached 90% of its absorption capacity. 

Climate alarmism is dependent on as-of-yet unproven positive feedback models.  There are many feedbacks, some of which are negative.  There is much controversy over clouds, where common sense would indicate negative feedback to temperature, but the IPCC says the opposite. 

True science looks at data and then comes to a conclusion.  The IPCC does the opposite.  They start with a conclusion and then support that with evidence.  The IPCC refused to hire anyone who did not already believe in catastrophic man-made warming.  This shows their bias.  The IPCC actively suppressed skeptical papers and tried to get skeptical scientists fired.  The head of U.N., António Guterres, was a Socialist Party politician in Portugal, and he routinely makes outrageous statements about the climate that are completely inaccurate. 

Socialism is not palatable to the American people, so the socialists have been pushing false crises to divide and conquer and to give us more government control in incremental steps.  I'm sorry that you have been duped by this mass hysteria. 

Best wishes, 

John Coffey

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