Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Real 'Inconvenient Truth'

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  2. The Real 'Inconvenient Truth'
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  5. This Green believes nuclear, not renewables are a much better use of the land.
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I think there many reasons to phase out fossil fuels but I tell you truthfully that global warming is not one of them.   You asked how an educated person like myself does not believe in global warming, but I know a lot more about this issue than most people.   I do believe in global warming, but the notion that it is significant enough to cause disaster is wrong.   Right now the increased CO2 is helping to feed the world and a 1 degree increase in temperature over the next hundred years will be beneficial to mankind.

What is amazing is the alarmism when fossil fuels are on the way out anyway.   We have way less than a hundred years of oil reserves unless you start getting it from shale which is much more expensive.   Nuclear fusion will be a reality by 2035. Green (algae) oil will become a reality as well as hybrid cars everywhere, and cheaper solar and wind power.

When the cost of something goes up, the free market is very clever at finding alternatives. When there is money to be made or saved, people lay awake at night thinking about how something can be done better.

Schwarzenegger's and Obama's goal of 80% reduction in fossil fuel usage by 2020 is not remotely realistic. I hate to think of the money they will waste. Government has thrown money at energy for decades and not come up with much.   They will pay for their programs with increased taxes on fossil fuels, which will hurt the economy and poor people, but it will be the free market that will adapt to the rising costs and find a way to change.

Best wishes,

John Coffey 

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