Friday, November 5, 2010

Fwd: health care

To David and Larry,

The argument from yesterday is that we don't really have a free choice now – largely because of government policies, so the proposed solution is to take away all free choice.  I am suggesting that we haven't tried a system with free choice.  If we had, the market would bring down costs making medical care more affordable.

This is how liberalism works:  it takes away some of our freedom making the situation worse, and then tells us that the government is the only solution to the problem, resulting in even less freedom.  Repeat this often enough and you end up in a very miserable state.

I am sure that David does not believe that the free market can provide affordable services for the poor.   Not everything will be affordable, but I believe that those with the most desperate need could be helped by private charity.

Since we can't really get back to a free system from where we are at, I am suggesting that a system of health savings accounts will move us in a free market direction, because people will have to make choices about cost versus benefit and it will introduce price competition.

Best wishes,

John Coffey

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