Friday, July 22, 2011


The True Origins of This Financial Crisis

Democrats Covering up the Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and Economic Crisis
The Fall of Fannie Mae
Lessons from the Bailout
Community Reinvestment Act
What Does Fannie Mae Do?
Press Briefing by the Clinton White House
High Hopes Led to this Crisis
Wall Street fat cats aren't at fault this time

Evil Concealed by Money
Hauser's Law
The Rahn Curve and the Growth-Maximizing Level of Government

Does Stimulus spending work?
Can we balance the budget by raising taxes?
Are the poorer getting poorer?

Deficits, Debts and Unfunded Liabilities: The Consequences of Excessive Government Spending

European Levels of Taxation: Barack Obama's Tax Plan
In Defense of ‘The Rich’
Ten Myths about the Bush Tax cuts
U.S. States Lead the World in High Corporate Taxes
National Health Care? We’re Halfway There
Tax Increases Reduce GDP
The Truth about Tax Rates and the Politics of Class Warfare
Marginal Tax Rates
The Optimum Size of Government
The Case for Market Liberalism
Economic Freedom, Prosperity, and Equality: A Survey
Economic Freedom Breeds Prosperity
Do facts matter?
Is Capitalism on the Ropes?
Penny Wise Politics
Are facts obsolete?
The vision of the left
Destroying Liberty
It's the Spending, Stupid
Japan's Lost Decade

Big Surprise: Harvard Study Shows Government Spending Hurts Business

3rd Party Payer Programs
IMF: Canada's Health Care Unsustainable - Be Careful What You Wish For

The Federal Reserve Caused the Great Depression.
Causes of the Great Depression.

Obama Takes Stimulus to the People

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