Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Flash Mob Mentality of Scientific Inquiry

This is how religion leads to false scientific thinking ...

Interesting how she refers to Dawkins as an idiot. He is one of the
most learned people I can think of. It is not such a good idea to
tie religion to politics.

There are two basic facts for which the evidence is overwhelming ...

1. The earth us very old.

2. Simpler lifeforms came before more complex ones.

No matter how impossible people say that evolution is, based on these
things we know that it happened. So if it really is impossible i.e.
if we can't explain how it happened (we can), then we would have to
assume that God made evolution happen. I would prefer to look for a
more scientific explanation rather than assume that a miracle
occurred. The purpose of science is to explain how things happen and
not assume that magic made it so. You could assume that at the time
of creation God made the laws of physics, but everything that happened
after that has a mechanism that usually can be determined by science.

Best wishes,

John Coffey

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