Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Hank Williams

From: Daniel


Interesting program this morning on the GB radio.

One thing that didn’t matter all that much to me was the interview with Hank Williams Jr. last week where they were supposed to be talking about his release of his dads new album, a reproduction I presume.  And they (anchorman & woman) questioned him on his politics (“what do you think, let’s get your opinion”) & he commented on a golf game the president went on.  Then ABC was offended & pulled his song off the Monday night football broadcast.


Any way they were playing his new song this morning.  Just one week after the NBC fiasco, Hank Jr. was singing a song called “I’ll keep the USA & you can keep the Change”.  Awesome how he is now slamming the media networks & insinuating that they have given into “The United Socialist States of America”

I love it, how do you like him now NBC.


Dan H.


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