Thursday, May 17, 2012

Fwd: Zimmerman affidavit

From: larry.r.trout
Zimmerman affidavit

'In an interview this week with The Miami Herald, Zimmerman's father criticized Corey, who he accused of deliberately ignoring evidence that would corroborate the self defense claim by filing a probable cause affidavit that swore to facts it's unclear they can prove.

"They went with the information they had reasonable belief that was untrue, and they swore it was true. Some day, that will come out," Robert Zimmerman said. "Someone should go to jail over that affidavit. They will be studying it in criminal justice classes for years to come."

Zimmerman is a retired magistrate from Virginia, and part of his job was to review affidavits and determine whether an arrest was merited.

He said he feared that jurors could find Zimmerman guilty of manslaughter to appease the public. He was torn about whether it would be best to have a trial – where all the evidence would be aired out – or have the case dismissed by a judge.

Florida's Stand Your Ground law gives Circuit Judge Kenneth Lester the right to throw out the case if he determines that Zimmerman was in reasonable fear for his life. If he does, Zimmerman said, it would also offer his son immunity in a civil court.'

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