Sunday, August 26, 2012

Conversion of climate change skeptic not likely to sway GOP -,0,5819816.story

The article does not mention that we are at the peak of the 12 year
sunspot cycle. In 2007, at the low of the sunspot cycle, 100 years of
global warming temporarily vanished.

There has never been any dispute that CO2 emissions cause some global
warning. The dispute has been whether this would lead to disaster.
It took a hundred years for the temperature to rise 1 degree
Fahrenheit. After I did considerable searching on the on the
Internet, I found that even the most strong proponents of this theory
thought that the temperature would only rise 1 to 3 degrees over the
next 100 years. This is not disastrous, although maybe inconvenient,
and it gives us plenty of time to move to alternatives. The first
nuclear fusion power plant comes online in just 8 years.

I am deeply interested in this:

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