Tuesday, September 11, 2012

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The appalling thing about this is that the Democrats stand for wasteful spending, sloth, and cronyism for a combination of Unions, teachers, corporate contributors, and Wall Street.


The article reads like this:    Here is my really boring life story  and by the way I left the Republicans because I think that they are heartless.  This seems to be a deliberate election year conspiracy to propagate liberal myths about Republicans which is that they don't care about anybody and want to end all forms of public assistance.  Neither of these are true.


It has been proven over and over again that GDP growth is inversely proportional to the level of government spending.    We need GDP growth to get out of our current financial mess, which will make everybody better off.   The people on the left, including Obama, have made it clear that their agenda is spend spend spend.  Many of these people have said that the reason we have experienced pitiful growth is because the government hasn't spent enough.


However, we are long past broke and Keynesian economics has never really worked.


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This is a good read, but it's rather lengthy.





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