Thursday, March 14, 2013

How Woodward's Truths and Sullivan's Smears Expose Our Corrupt Media

Other than a few media tsk-tsks, though, over the years, Sullivan has paid zero price for any of this behavior. In fact, these deliberate smear campaigns have likely helped to up his media profile and endear him to a left-wing media that secretly loves this behavior. How else to explain why there has been no pushback, no admonitions, no warnings from his peers about what this kind of "reporting" can do to one's career and credibility.

But who is having his career relentlessly undermined right now? Bob Woodward, for doing nothing more than reporting the truth and his opinion.

So, as you can see, the message from the media is abundantly clear: You can hurl all the unfounded claims and filth at the right without ever having to fear any kind of recrimination from your "journalist" peers. But should you report a truth about Barack Obama that derails his political goals, your peers will relentlessly destroy you and your legacy --

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