Sunday, April 20, 2014

Fwd: Tax code

'I am calling all taxpayers.


I am reaching out to every citizen of this great land.

Tweets about "#MWTaxes"


Think of me as a present-day Paul Revere riding down your street in the night, yelling and banging on your door, and rousing you to action.


Yes, that means you!


Have you just spent the past three weeks hunting for receipts, downloading tax statements, filling out forms, then trying to calculate your adjusted gross income, your "passive activity" losses, and whether your capital gains on the shares you sold were short-term or long-term and whether you should calculate your cost basis using the last-in-first-out basis, known as LIFO, or the first-in-first-out basis, known as FIFO?


If so, this revolution needs you.


I want you to tweet me a better tax code. (Tweet @BrettArends and use the hashtag #MWtaxes. )


That's right. I'm betting that ordinary people, armed with nothing more than some basic common sense, a pocket calculator, and 140 characters, could come up with a better tax code than the clowns down in Washington, D.C. (We could hardly do worse.)


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