Monday, July 21, 2014

Fwd: Ecudor

'In 2008, Ecuador's National Assembly approved a new constitution that
recognizes unfettered mobility across borders as a basic human right,
advocating "the principle of universal citizenship, the free movement
of all inhabitants of the planet, and the progressive extinction of
the status of alien or foreigner as an element to transform the
unequal relations between countries, especially those between North
and South."…

First, in June of 2008, he announced the abolition of visa
requirements so that anyone could enter Ecuador for up to 90 days. But
rather than encourage reciprocity from other countries, as expected,
the measure unintentionally benefited human smugglers. By December of
that year, almost 12,000 Chinese had entered Ecuador—roughly six times
the volume during the first half of the year. Many were headed to the
U.S. via human-smuggling networks.

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