Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Re: Vietnam

Seems to me that over time systems evolve to become efficient out of necessity.  The ATP cycle in biology involves more than a dozen steps to get the maximum energy from a single electron.  The first biological organisms probably only had one step, but they were replaced by organisms that stumbled onto how to be more efficient.  

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'Ho Chi Minh would be appalled if he could see Vietnam now.


Well, perhaps not appalled—he was less doctrinaire than the likes of Vladimir Lenin and Fidel Castro, and even hard-line ideologues can become more flexible over time—but he certainly wouldn't recognize it.


The Doi Moi market reforms that began in 1986 (a mere eleven years after the fall of Saigon and national unification under the Communist Party) and a general slackening of state micromanagement have transformed the country out of all recognition.







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