Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Fwd: Wallace

'It's true, after all, that America has seemed providentially fortunate at times. It's true that we've managed to survive some near misses, and to flourish despite a fair amount of folly.

For example: If Franklin Roosevelt had died a year earlier, or if he hadn't decided to change running mates in 1944, we would have had his woolly-headed, soft-on-communism vice president, Henry Wallace, as commander in chief. Who knows how World War II would then have ended, how many more countries Stalin would then have gobbled up, and even whether we would ultimately have won the Cold War? The whole second half of the century could have unfolded in a very different and far more ominous way.

Now we have an admirer of Henry Wallace as president. In December 2007, Barack Obama, campaigning in Iowa, was informed he was in Wallace's home county. He responded, "We've got some progressives here in Adair. I'm feeling really good now. That's quite a lineage there. .  .  . It's a blessing."

However blessed those Iowans may have been to live in the proximity of so illustrious a predecessor, having a president in the lineage of Henry Wallace has not been a blessing. We (and the world) are now living with the consequences of our having twice chosen Barack Obama as president.'


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