Monday, January 19, 2015

Fwd: Warm

'What drives me crazy about most commenters on here is the way they blast or dismiss scientists like Dr. Christy and other skeptics but they don't ever address their data or assertions. Dr. Christy doesn't deny the fact that the climate is warming. He states it is warming much slower than predicted, believes that natural factors are not sufficiently factored in and believes the atmosphere and planet have much more adaptive capacity than the models allow. Using data, not generic talking points show where he is wrong. 1) look at the graph in the article. You will see an approximately 1 degree F rise in global temps between 1910-1945 followed by a 30 year flattening of temps. Then you will see an approximately 1 degree F rise in global temps 1975-2000 followed by a 15 years flattening. If man made carbon emissions caused the rise from 1975-2014... What cause the comparable rise from 1910-1945? And if you can't credible answer that then you must allow my skepticism of your conclusions about the causes of recent increases. 2) the 1992 IPCC report predicted temp increases of 0.3 degrees / decade (range 0.2-0.5). Actual temps over the last 22 years have increase 0.1 degree/ decade. How do you account for the fact that 97% of the climate models have overestimated the temp increases most by a factor of two fold? And if you can't is it really honest for you to blast the above assertions by Dr. Christy and other skeptics??? Oh, and I have received ZERO oil company money.'

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