Sunday, March 1, 2015

Re: Neutrality

The people who have been campaigning against Net Neutrality are the cable companies under the guise that Big Brother is going to control everything.  These companies are charging Netflix for access that I have already paid for, so the real issue is about them being able to extort money from other companies.  Now the cable companies are going to decide which content is fast and which is not.  This seems to give them a lot of power.   If Netflix is faster then something else I might want will be slower.

Technology might make that a non-issue as the internet gets faster.

On the other hand, the free market person in me thinks that if two companies want to make a deal, why should the government interfere?  If I don't like Comcast's policy, then I should choose a different internet provider.  But what if my choice of providers is limited?  Comcast controls the streaming to tens millions of people giving them the power to demand money from content providers. 

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