Thursday, May 28, 2015

My post to facebook.

RE:  Have the Democrats gone too far left?

John Coffey Politics make strange bedfellows. Being a libertarian leaning republican, I am all for gay marriage and opposed to those who would undermine our any of our freedoms in the name of religion. But the world is not going to rise or fall on gay marriage or whether pot is legal. (Just for the record, being a typical libertarian, I am opposed to getting involved in foreign entanglements.) But this is where the strange bedfellows thing comes in: I am more of a single issue kind of guy. My single issue is that there is strong compelling evidence that increasing government spending reduces economic growth. Keynesianism has never worked and is a flawed theory. So I am a strong fiscal conservative. Who shares my point of view? The bible thumping sometimes warmongering conservatives. It is certainly not the people on the extreme left. Before you say that the republicans are just as bad, and I know that you will, and many of them are, I would rather put my faith in Rand Paul, Paul Ryan than I would Harry Reid, Barack Obama, or Nancy Pelosi. Best wishes, John.


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