Friday, May 5, 2017

Minimum wage.

My cousin's kid is a single mother, makes $12 an hour working in a warehouse, and could no longer afford her apartment and had to move in with her mother.

​The disparity of wealth in this country is pretty bad, and becomes really obvious when you have poor family living in a below average state.

​The liberal argument is that putting more money in the hands of poor people would stimulate the economy, because they would spend it. ​

I am going to take a position slightly different than my normal libertarian conservative view.

​​My thinking that a gradual increase might be beneficial, such as a 25 or 50 cent increase per year. ​  This would be useful even just as an experiment, to see if the negative consequences outweigh the beneficial ones.

​I am looking at this from a moral perspective.  If you ask someone to work for less than a living wage, which I have done, not only does this seem like slavery, but someone else has to supplement that person's living.  It might be a family member, or food stamps (which Walmart suggested to their employees that they apply for), or low income housing.  Somebody is paying the bill somewhere.

I see the opposite side of the argument.  Pay people too much and they have no incentive to better themselves.


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