Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Copy of Facebook comment.

Seems to me that the discussion is a bit one sided without overtly stating the solution. I assume that people are advocating getting rid of all guns and the 2nd amendment. Otherwise, why have this discussion? However, such people would deny me the the right to defend myself.

I admit that Australia has an amazingly low murder rate, but the United States is below the global average. Country to country comparisons are not always valuable, as we are dealing with different cultures. I think that it is naive to assume that making guns illegal is going to help things. Also, the correlation between guns and murders is hard to pin down. The US murder rate went down as the number of guns more than doubled. Conservatives claim more guns means less crime.

I think that the real problem is a decline in morality. Gun violence is the symptom of a declining society as opposed to being a symptom of the availability of guns. And guess who I blame for the declining society?

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