Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Fwd: Fact checking

Far more troubling was the Washington Post's fact check of Vice
President Mike Pence's claim that "There are more Americans working
today than ever before in American history." Now, a fact check of that
statement means you check whether it's true that more Americans work
today than ever before. A reasonable person would suspect it has a
high chance of being true if for no other reason than there are more
Americans living today than ever before.

In fact, it is factually correct to say that more Americans are
working now than ever before. The Washington Post admits this,
showcases the numbers (124 million, up from 65 million in 1968), and
says Pence is "technically correct." So they give him, quite
amazingly, three Pinocchios, their little metric that summarizes their
analysis of the truthfulness of the statement. Then they admit they
wanted to give him four Pinocchios but were constrained by the fact
that what he said was true. I'm not joking.

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