Sunday, May 6, 2018

​The good news keeps coming for Trump.

The good news keeps coming for Trump. The economy is booming. Not only should Trump win a Nobel Peace Prize for bringing South and North Korea together, he should be up for the Nobel prize for economics, too. Has any world leader in history earned both in the same year?

We found out on Friday that the U.S. unemployment rate fell below 4 percent — the lowest since 2000.

ADP also reported that, in April, U.S. private companies added more than 200,000 jobs for the fifth month in a row. Demand for labor remains solid across every industry.

Obama bragged nonstop about quantity — never mentioning that his job growth consisted mostly of crappy, low-wage, part-time jobs that required food stamps to survive. Trump's new jobs are great jobs. Manufacturing, mining and professional service jobs led the way in the April report. Over the past 12 months, manufacturing has added 245,000 high-wage jobs.

Incidentally, the black unemployment rate fell again — to the lowest in history. And the gap between white and black unemployment narrowed. It turns out Kanye West is a man of wisdom. Donald Trump is far better for the black community than Obama ever was.

The Democrats' response? Bring up Stormy the porn star. It's all liberals want to talk about. CNN and MSNBC have given Stormy wall-to-wall coverage for the past 60 days.

The result? Trump and the GOP are exploding in the polls. Blue wave in November? Not anymore. This obsession with Stormy is a disaster for Dems.

As of Friday, Trump was at a robust 51 percent approval at Rasmussen. That's far above where Trump was on the day he was elected. It's also far above Obama at the same point of his presidency.

Another poll shows Trump's evangelical Christian support at the highest point in history. So much for "the Stormy effect."

Still another poll shows black male support for Trump has doubled from 11 percent to 22 percent since West announced his support for Trump.

Still another poll shows Democrats have lost 9 points with millennials since the election. Millennials believe the GOP is better for the economy. This is an electoral earthquake.

A new Morning Consult poll shows Republicans winning everything in the U.S. Senate. A nine-seat sweep is within reach. Five incumbent Democrat senators are losing by 5 points or more. Four other incumbent Democrat senators are statistically tied. "The Stormy effect" is bringing down the entire Democratic Party

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