Saturday, August 11, 2018

7 Reasons Donald Trump Won

I found first part the video amusing because of his extreme reaction to the Trump victory.

He goes on to say nasty things about the political right, so response I wrote this ...

"Straw mans all over the place.  If your perception of the right is a bunch of racist, tribalist conspiracy theory loving authoritarians wanting strong men then you don't really understand the political right.

Socialist and left policies are authoritarian to the core.  It is the political right that loves freedom and free enterprise.  

Has society collapsed yet?

It is not racist to want to protect our border.  It is not racist to say that criminals are coming into our country and committing crimes; this is easily provable.  Nor did Trump call all Mexicans this.  The left plays the race card every chance they get.  Anybody they don't like they call a racist as a way of shutting down the argument.   This infuriates me to no end.   When Trump and anyone else they don't like speaks, the left is guilty of confirmation bias.  Any statement he makes is taken as a confirmation of his evilness.

It is the Republicans who begged Condoleezza Rice and Colin Powell to run for President.  The Tea Party's and my favorite candidate was Herman Cain.

What you see on Social Media doesn't necessarily represent the political right.   It might for some people, but it is not represent the core beliefs.

I love science and I love your channel for talking about it.  

If you were more rational you would understand that freedom is the engine of prosperity and that Socialism has always failed hurting the poor the most.  Maybe you already understand this, but why then support the political left which has become more extremist?   We are headed toward a debt bubble that could potentially crash our economic system, and the only way to get out of this huge mess (admittedly created by both parties) is to have strong economic growth.  I take it as a given that we need less burdensome government and a better tax system, both of which we got.

I  know that many people didn't like Trump.  Even many of us who voted for him thought that he was a narcissistic billionaire playboy.  Believe me, people understood this.  I didn't so much vote for the man as I did his agenda, which I mostly agree with.  Given the stated goals of both candidates, one of which wanted to increase government's reach and sounded more like a warmonger than Trump did, it was a no brainer."

Best wishes,

John Coffey

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