Monday, November 5, 2018

Suppressing the Vote | Disenfranchisement

Much voter fraud does not get investigated or is ignored. The political left is always saying that this is not a problem, but if so why did states refuse to cooperate with Trump's voter fraud commision? Fraud benefits the left, so they are always claiming it is a non-issue. Maybe it is a non-issue, but we will never really know because people ignore it and put up roadblocks to investigations.   I think it is a real issue. Political power is hotly contested in this country and we see people stoop very low to achieve their objectives. There is also a very long history of voter fraud, which likely decided the 1960 presidential election.

We have the right and obligation to protect the integrity of our voting system. If people can't be responsible enough to get a proper ID then maybe they are not responsible enough to vote. The most I have ever had to wait at a DMV is an hour, and that was in Utah. In Indiana it has always been less than 30 minutes. Maybe some voter ID laws are unfair and should be changed, but voting is such an important responsibility that it should not be considered such a heavy burden to get an ID. We are faced with all kinds of other burdens in society to be compliant with the law, such as filing taxes just for starters, that getting an ID to vote seems like a relatively minor burden.

Complaining that you have to take time off from work and wait a few weeks for your ID to arrive in the mail seems like much whining. States always provide you with a temporary license/ID until the real one arrives in the mail.

I am somewhat skeptical of a court of appeals that impugns the motives of the legislature without any direct evidence.

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