Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Is Universal Basic Income The Key To The Future? | Answers With Joe


In the past, automation did not result in a loss of jobs.  This could change and we would have to deal with it if it does, but I don't take it as a given.

Paying people not to work means that fewer people will work, and this is both bad for society and bad for people's psychology; how would you feel living off the hard work of other people?  Most people have a basic understanding of fairness, where they believe that if people get something they didn't earn, then that is unfair.  You have to rob someone to do it.

If people are suffering then I believe that you should help them.  We do that already, but for the moment there is no shortage of jobs nor opportunity.

People imagine that the current system is unfair, and maybe it is a little, but I think that this gets blown out of proportion to promote a socialist agenda.  (The best way today to get rich and promote special interests and corporate interests is to use the government bureaucracy to your advantage.  In this way the system has become corrupt.)  If there are things that we need to deal with, then let's deal with them, but I don't think that socialism is the best solution.

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John Coffey

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