Thursday, December 26, 2019

Fwd: Impeached, with a solid base and no apologies — Trump becomes the only issue of 2020 | TheHill

I couldn't agree more...

Albert Nelms 

It just cracks me up knowing to what extent Democrats are going to oust Trump. The only person I can think who has a snowball's chance in hell to beating Trump is Oprah Winfrey. She can unite the Democrats in a way no other candidate can. However, she has her businesses an billions of dollars. Why would she want to subject herself to our current political climate. Trump is the right man for President at the moment. I can think of no other living Republican who can take on the daily bashing's on himself, his wife and family. Trump's unique feisty personality and limitless energy is ball-crushing. Do you know any other 70 year olds who can bring it on like Trump? The funniest thing of all, if Trump loses reelection, so what? He can retire to Mara-Lago. Have you seen the pics of this place? It's magnificent! No matter how much the Dems whine, I believe Trump will win re-election. The Democrats better watch out. Trump will come after them with guns blazing and they know it. There will be hell to pay for betraying him and the Presidency.

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