Wednesday, February 5, 2020

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Carolyn Branaman
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It makes me sick, all these wishy-washy republicans, too afraid to remove this crook from the oval office, saying.he was wrong, out of line, dirty dealing but couldn't put country first; shame on you!!
Cowards, fools. Why censure, he won't keep his mouth shut nor can he be trusted. He will do it again or probably worse.  Anything he does from now on be on your head!!.
  • John Coffey
    John Coffey

We should acknowledge that confirmation bias exists. I'm for Trump's agenda. I am going to have positive confirmation bias. However, those against Trump's agenda believe every little lie that comes out without any factual basis. There has been extreme slander of this president, and this angers me to no end. I think that the problem with the left is that they believe their own BS. And they literally make up stuff against Trump, all of which they have done. The leftist politicians are far more corrupt than anything Trump has done or even been accused of, but they run interference by throwing out false accusations. There was never any evidence of Trump Russian collusion, but the left took it as gospel. Trump was exonerated and they still take it as gospel. If Mueller had the goods he would have used it, but he didn't. All the while, Democrats were calling Trump a traitor, a Russian agent, which is completely not true,

The phone call was taken completely out of context. I read the transcript 3 times and there is nothing there. We have a treaty with Ukraine that says that we will help them root out corruption. The Biden crime family that has so profited from corruption is not immune to investigation because Biden is running for office. Trump was doing his job. Trump said that he did not want to give money to a corrupt government. Even if you could assume the worst, which I don't think that you legitimately can, I really don't care after all the slander and dirty politics they have done to Trump. And BTW, all or almost all foreign aid has strings attached. It is one of the reasons we give foreign aid so that we can help countries clean up their act.

And I am angry. Very angry. For all their corruption and their lies, there is going to be hell to pay in the November Election. I am predicting record turnout on both sides, because obviously both sides are pissed off. There is too much at stake here.

Otherwise, Best wishes.

John Coffey

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