Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Central Park: White woman ID'ed as Amy Cooper in NYC calls police on black man over dog leash

Often there two sides to every story. My personal experience with the press is that they always get the details wrong. We only see her demeanor and not the demeanor of the person doing the filming, which makes this one-sided. She seems agitated that a complete stranger is giving her orders and filming her against her permission. I would certainly be upset even if I am in the wrong. I am wondering why she is so agitated, and we don't know what transpired before the filming took place. At times the way she retreats she seems frightened. However, her statement that "I'm going to tell them (the police) that an African American man is threatening my life" means that she is either delusional or just evil. That seems to be going too far. Her bad treatment of her dog doesn't help, because she comes across as aggressive.

Her apology indicates that she realized that she was in the wrong or is just saving face. I think that it is unfortunate that the incident happened at all, but I can't imagine going up to a complete stranger and start ordering them around, especially over something as minor as a dog leash. I have seen similar behavior in public over smoking, where people get quite upset, but this just comes across to me as rude.

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