Saturday, August 1, 2020

‘Cancel culture’ crew nearly got me ‘expelled’ before I’d even started college

The administration at Marquette took the side of those trying to cancel me. In July, the dean of undergraduate admissions, Brian Troyer, and the associate dean of students, Erin Lazzar, ­arranged a Zoom meeting with me. "The content you are pushing out has created this environment that is contrary to a learning environment that we hope our students are ­engaged in," Lazzar said.

They were referring to my ­social-media support for the president, my belief that biological sex is immutable and my restrictionist position on illegal immigration — all views held by tens of millions of our fellow citizens on issues over which people can reasonably disagree.

During the discussion, the ­administrators emphasized that I wasn't yet a student and that my admission wasn't finalized. This implied threat came despite the fact that I had accepted my admissions offer, submitted the $500 ­deposit to secure my position and paid for my housing.

Most galling: Marquette administrators showed no interest in my wellbeing or in defending my free-speech rights. There has been no indication that the students who targeted me with mass harassment have been, or ever will be, disciplined. Marquette has made clear it isn't committed to protecting the free expression of conservatives like me.

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