Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Dr Rashid Buttar DROPS Knowledge Bombs IMPORTANT

I don't know for sure who sent me this video, but I saved it to watch later.


I wrote in the comments:  

I have never seen a video that uses so many words to say so little. Are we presented with false information every day? Yes, because different people have different opinions on what is true. We are not having the wool pulled over our eyes if we stay informed. However, in this video, the presenter could stand for just about anything because he doesn't say what he is for. I see from Wikipedia that he is an anti-vaxxer which is a very bad thing because it costs lives. This is what Wikipedia says about him: "Rashid Ali Buttar is an American conspiracy theorist, anti-vaccine proponent, and an osteopathy practitioner from Charlotte, North Carolina. He is known for his controversial use of chelation therapy for numerous conditions, including autism and cancer. He has twice been reprimanded by the North Carolina Board of Medical Examiners for unprofessional conduct and cited by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for illegal marketing of unapproved and adulterated drugs."

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