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Fwd: Jim Jordan WRECKS Fauci, or does he?


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From: John Coffey
Date: Sat, Aug 1, 2020 at 2:36 PM
Subject: Re: Jim Jordan WRECKS Fauci, or does he?
To: Albert Nelms 

On Sat, Aug 1, 2020 at 2:24 AM Albert Nelms wrote:
> Jim Jordan just wanted Fauci to say COVID-19 will spread in large protests where distancing and masks are ignored.

Actually, Dr. Fauci did say this and is on the record as having said that the protests would spread the virus.  What Jim Jordan tried to do is to get Dr. Fauci to say that the government should regulate or prohibit the protests, to which he responded that those with the power to do so should make that decision.  Obviously the question was loaded like he was trying to trap Dr. Fauci.  

Unfortunately, Jim Jordan made himself look bad. Fauci gave a totally accurate response and then Jim Jordan tried to jump all over Fauci and put words in his mouth that Fauci completely did not say.  He was clearly trying to set up Fauci.  This is just bad politics, if not dirty politics.

Listen to what Fauci actually says.

> My gripe with Fauci is when people look up to you, then you should lead. You can't lead part-time. Either you're 100% committed to leadership or you stay out of this role. If you want to lead, then you must lead by example. Once you claim a leadership role, it's a 24 hour, 7 day a week job. As a leader, your not allowed to treat it as a job. You don't become a leader when you punch the clock and then be something else when you punch out. I thought Fauci, not wearing his mask at the baseball game and not social distancing shows his lack of leadership. It shows he has a rules are for thee and not for me. When asked why he wasn't wearing a masked he said it was because he needed to drink water. Everyone can see his answer was not true. It may have been partially true, he needed water And too catch his breath, but it wasn't completely true. Why no social distancing?

You seem to not complain about Fauci's recommendations, but his personal character.  You don't know Fauci.  I try not to judge people's character unless they give me a really good reason to.

All these complaints seem petty to me, as well all the people who are saying, "Fauci is a scumbag", "Fauci is a hypocrite", "Fauci is a fraud", "Fauci is a liar", etc.

Imagine if reporters photographed your every move and then only showed the one part that made you look bad.  They certainly could find a way to make you look bad.  I think that you are being played.

> In retrospect, Fauci should simply have told the truth. He should of said I was hot, exhausted, and thirsty. I drank some water and needed to collect my breath. I became so happy to at the ballpark, I forgot about social distancing and wearing my mask. I should remind myself to follow my own advice in the future. Everyone would have been ok with that answer, because everyone understands what he's saying.

I think that this entire incident is taken out of context and blown out of proportion. I'm quite satisfied with his answer that he took his mask off temporarily because he was dehydrated and needed to drink water.  He probably gets tested regularly, and he was with his wife and a close friend that he probably feels safe with.  And there was nobody else around him, so I would argue that he was social distancing.  If you were out with your wife you wouldn't feel a need to social distance from her.

> The point is, when a senior public official is willing to quibble on the smallest of issues like wearing a mask. It shows a character flaw. What large issues Is Fauci willing to quibble about. What tightrope of twisted stories, omissions, and lies is he willing to weave? How many people will suffer and die because of them. How many have all ready suffered and died?

How often does Trump wear a mask?  Almost never.  Yet, Fauci takes his off for five minutes and people want to crucify him.

> Anyways, this is my take on Fauci. I hope he'll find a way to be a leader. We don't need medical politicians. We need medical professionals who will uphold their Hippocratic Oath regardless of the political environment.
> On Fri, Jul 31, 2020 at 10:07 PM John Coffey <> wrote:

If you want me to hate Fauci, it is going to take more than this.  Seems like people hate him because they think that he is a liberal.

Best wishes,

John Coffey

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