Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Old article I wrote

I found something that I wrote about five years ago...

First, let me say that you will be happier if you never worry about politics and only concern yourself with how to make your life better because no matter what you say or do, you will never change anything at the political level.  That, however, is not going to stop me from ranting for a couple of minutes, so please grant me this indulgence.  

Everywhere I look, I see people in poverty and suffering.  No matter what political system you live in, Capitalist or Communist, you have different degrees of the same problem where a tiny percentage of the people own maybe half of everything while a great many others are struggling.  What causes this problem?  The answer might surprise you.

Nowhere on planet Earth does limited government exist anymore, except maybe in some tiny provinces like Liechtenstein and Luxembourg, which by the way
are doing quite well.  

The American experiment in self-government worked really great for a couple of hundred years, but it has long since died and was replaced by European style socialism. When the government spends 43% of the nation's income, what effect do you think that this has on your ability to provide for your family, yourself, and your future?  See the youtube video "Why big government is bad government" and also Stephen Molyneux's video "You are being farmed."  That tiny percentage of people who own half of everything are usually the ones who are smart enough to make government largesse work to their advantage.

In my retirement, I started a couple of self-employment projects.  My point is that people are happier, more productive, and generally more prosperous when they can work for themselves.  However, excessive government regulation makes owning your own business so difficult that most people would never try, and those who do often give up.  It takes economies of scale to make running a business workable, which is why we have the current corporate culture to which most people find themselves "wage slaves."

The Keynesian idea that government spending drives the economy has failed over and over again.  Free people engaging in Free Enterprise drive the economy and make us prosperous.  The only way we can get back to that is to reign in excessive government.  (We should scrap all regulations and start over with simpler replacements.  We should start with the tax code.)

Unfortunately, it might not matter, because the excessive and failed policies of government have driven us so far into debt that we will forever be paying off that debt.


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