Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Stealing an election and the Electoral College

Many people think that Trump is trying to steal the election, and from what I can tell the vast majority on the right think that the Democrats are trying to steal the election with voter fraud. I don't think that either of these statements is true. I think that there could have been some minor voter fraud, but not enough that we could overturn the election.

However, I won't be satisfied until we have verified many of the results. Recounts need to happen in close states. We need to know that the election laws are being followed.

I'm not trying to get anyone agitated here. I don't want to stir the pot. I just think that the election is so important that we should verify the results.

I notice that Biden's lead in some of these states that haven't been fully counted is very thin.


I have favored the Electoral College because I understand the historical reasons for it. However, it seems to turn the election into a carnival. It feels like a slot machine, where if you get two jackpots, a cherry, and a lemon then you lose. It creates contention in close states and it is pretty much only these states that decide the election.

Presidential candidates don't campaign much or at all in some states because we already know the result.

Maybe the system has outlived its usefulness.

Determining the presidency by popular vote could possibly hand the presidency to the political left for decades to come. We would become a one-party system unless the political right shifts left, which they would have to do to win elections. However, I think that this is bad for freedom. Nevertheless, it might be worth doing. It is possible that the popular vote could shift back to the right.

Some have argued that the Electoral College is a defense against voter fraud because voter fraud would only affect one state and not the whole country. I'm not sure about that.

I think that the United States people should decide whether or not to keep the Electoral College. We should have a referendum.

Best wishes,

John Coffey


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