Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Epoch Times documentary on election fraud

I am still trying to process in my mind the claims of election fraud.  I thought that the Epoch Times would have a really good summary, although their video documentary fell short of my expectations.  Most of this is speculative, although there are some good nuggets of information.  The video was banned from Youtube and Facebook.

From about 7 to 30 minutes the video deals with various claims of election fraud, some of which seem plausible, but it doesn't seem strong enough to be provable in court.  

At 26 to 27 minutes the video deals with the supposed election fraud in Georgia from a surveillance video.  It concludes that the video surveillance proves election fraud, although the explanation given in the link in my last email might be plausible, where that the election workers were told by an election supervisor that they had to continue counting.  However, there doesn't seem to be any delay from when they told the poll watchers to leave because they were done for the night and them resuming the counting with a new batch of ballots, so it looks fishy whether or not it really is.  

From about 30 to 44 minutes the video deals with the susceptibility of voting machines, but it doesn't actually prove that voting machines were tampered with.  They are only showing that it is possible.  

My favorite part is from 44:30 to about 59:00 minutes, where they establish an ownership link between Dominion Voting Systems and the Chinese.  After this, they attack the motives of the Chinese, although this is more speculation. (However, the Chinese do have various agendas.)  None of this proves that voting machines were used to cheat.  The last few minutes of the video is an appeal to patriotism.


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