Thursday, January 7, 2021

PaTrIoTs STORM the Capitol - YouTube

If and when it is proven that the election was stolen, will you still call these people idiots?
Actually, they are idiots. I believe in law and order. I believe in peaceful protest, not riots and destroying businesses, and burning down buildings. Invading the capital is inexcusable. There is also some evidence of Antifa involvement. However, this unlawful riot sent an important message, which is that we have a breaking point. We have put up with liberal socialists riots for at least 6 months. Trump has been blatantly slandered for five years. The media lied to us, censored us, and covered up how incredibly corrupt Biden is. I believe that the political left is inherently corrupt and will stop at nothing. It is quite possible that this election was won with fraud, and liberal judges all over the place refused to give us any recourse. Pennsylvania broke their own election laws and a liberal court made this fraud legal. There were questionable election practices in multiple states. They refused to let us audit the voting machines.  
Take our democracy away from us and for some people, this was too much. The political left needs to see that they can push us too far. If we end up with a national divorce, then so be it. We are no longer a nation where the two sides share any common values.

Best wishes,

John Coffey

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