Monday, February 15, 2021

Everything I know about the Capital riot.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell

My position is that the President has a constitutional right to express his political views to a crowd of supporters, even if he is very wrong.  He also told the crowd to make their voices heard peacefully.  

When it comes to politics, what they allow you to know is only the surface of what really happens.

I heard that there were 100 bad actors with weapons arrested outside the Capital building before Trump started his speech.  Some of the rioters started 20 minutes before Trump finished his speech.  There is evidence that this was planned for a couple of months.  There was evidence and warnings three days before the event that this would happen, at which point Trump offered to send in 10,000 National Guard troops and was told not to by the leaders in the Capitol building.  Reportedly, they had sufficient warning to prevent this.  Clearly, this was planned in advance and not the result of Trump's speech.

There is still much that we don't know.  The facts still need to be established.  They didn't call witnesses from the mob as to their motivation.  There is some evidence, clear but small, of Antifa and BLM involvement.  Some Antifa people were told to wear their MAGA hats on backwards so that they could identify each other from the actual Trump supporters.  So there is a very real possibility that the worst of the violence was a false flag operation.  If you were Antifa and wanted to stir up trouble, why wouldn't you come to this event?

There is no information about the people in the Capitol Building being armed, making this not an insurrection, but a riot.  If you look at the videos, some were clearly moving quickly with apparent violent intent, but many more wandered in after with a slow shuffle that appeared peaceful.

There is much confusion about the deaths.  Three of the deaths were medical in nature.  It is hard statistically to get tens of thousands of people in one place and not have a medical emergency.  Someone shot and killed an unarmed woman climbing through a window.  This might have been excessive force.  

However, the circumstances around the death of the policeman have been confusing and contradictory.  We were told that he was hit with a fire extinguisher, and then that he wasn't.  There is contradictory information about whether or not he went to the hospital and when.  We just recently found out that he had a stroke in the late evening.  

I have also heard that there were a couple of suicides related to the event.

I hope that a very thorough investigation is being done on the events of that day.  We probably need a 9-11 type commission on the event.

Some of the "evidence" presented during the trial quoted left-leaning press articles that were relying on unnamed sources.

The press is reporting bad behavior on the part of President Trump during the riot.  If accurately reported, I cannot defend his actions.  My reaction would have been to assert law and order as quickly as possible.  However, I am not sure about the jurisdiction here, since the Capitol Police eventually got control of the situation.

Most of the legal cases about election fraud were dismissed for legal reasons without presenting evidence.  It has been reported that in the few cases where evidence was presented, the Trump team won 2/3 of these cases. None of this was enough to affect the outcome.  Some of the cases are still pending, although this won't matter.

There were dozens of sworn affidavits of fraud.

People wanted to audit the voting machine software, but they were repeatedly denied.  There were reports of voting machines switching votes to Biden, although others claimed that this was user error.  Trump clearly believed that the election was stolen.  There were discussions in the White House right up to January 6th as to if they could get to the voting machines to audit their software.

We are expected to accept the popular narrative, that the election was fair, despite any evidence to the contrary.  I don't know.  I am convinced that there was some fraud, but I don't have evidence at all that this was enough to sway the election.  My desire is that this will be thoroughly investigated so that we can know with confidence that this election was fair and that all future elections will be fair.

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