Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Fwd: acronyms are racist

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From: Larry Trout 

The San Francisco Unified School District's art department moved to eliminate acronyms from its name, saying that the abbreviations are tied to "white supremacy culture."

"We are prioritizing antiracist arts instruction in our work," said Director of the Arts Department Sam Bass while announcing that the acronym "VAPA," which stands for visual and performing arts, would be changed to the SFUSD Arts Department.

"It is a very simple step we can take to just be referred to as the SFUSD Arts Department for families to better understand who we are," Bass said.

San Francisco school moves to eliminate acronyms due to their ties to 'white supremacy culture' (washingtonexaminer.com)

Did they just replace the VAPA acronym withe the SFUSD Arts Dept. Acronym?

We should probably ask a BLM representative what they think of acronyms?

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