Thursday, February 11, 2021

Gina Carano FIRED by Lucasfilm, dropped by agency - Was it the right move?

Yesterday, Disney fired Gina Carano from her role on The Mandalorian because of her social media posts.  This started with her refusal to use some gender pronouns, which started a huge outrage of people hating her and trying to get her fired.  This has been going on for many months.  The straw that broke the camel's back was her comparing hating people for their political views to people in Nazi Germany hating the Jews.

Matt Jarbo is a YouTuber who I happen to like, but he threatened to ban from his channel anyone who disagrees with him.  In response to this, I wrote...

"You have long been one of my favorite people on youtube, but I am deeply disappointed that you have distorted what she said.  This is a common and convenient tactic by the left.  How long have they been calling conservatives Nazis?  Forever.  She did not equate the current cancel culture toward conservatives with the murder of the Jews.   She said that people were being taught to hate their neighbors, which is exactly what I am seeing whenever I encounter people on the extreme left.  The vitriol is very strong.  I have been called the most foul names for supporting President Trump.  Like many people on the left, you want to ban those who disagree with you.  (BTW, Pedro Pascal in 2018 posted two photos side by side comparing kids in cages to people in the Nazi death camps.  I suspect that Disney will do nothing.  BTW, his photo that he labeled "American in 2018" wasn't from 2018 nor from America.)

The way Gina Carano has been treated is very unjust.  You cannot have a free society without free speech and the right to disagree.  Her real crime is not accepting the far-left narrative.  You should be on her side."

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