Monday, March 22, 2021

In Plain Sight: How White Supremacy, Misogyny, and Hate Targeted the Star Wars Sequel Trilogy and Won

I have been following the debate on Youtube for the last five years.  Those unhappy with the sequel trilogy are a mix of conservative and liberal YouTuber's, but it tends to lean conservative because there is an objection to the "Social Justice Warrior Messages."   There is nothing wrong with inclusion, but when a movie is overt with its political messages then it feels like it is lecturing to the audience, and that is not why people go to see movies, especially fantasy films like Star Wars.

Unfortunately, I have seen the political left attack people on the right as "alt-right", which is synonymous with racism.  People from Lucasfilm have attributed the negative reaction to the movies to racism.  However, I have seen almost nothing that I would call racism, because those unhappy with the characters Finn and Rose are just unhappy with the way those characters are portrayed.  They tend to be very supportive of John Boyega, but for some reason, they are less supportive of Kelly Marie Tran.  They don't like her character, but I've argued that she is a good character with some bad dialogue.  

The biggest problem is with the middle film, The Last Jedi.  Despite this, I think that it is the most original of the three movies.  I like the entire sequel trilogy, but I think that it is an opportunity lost to do something better and more original.  The third film makes it look like they had no coherent plan for these movies.  Those who made these films knew that they would make money no matter what they did, but in the process, they damaged the Star Wars brand.

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John Coffey

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