Tuesday, April 20, 2021

A False Narrative Falls Apart | Ep. 704 - YouTube

Today Matt Walsh had many interesting things to say. 

From 2 to 10 minutes talking about the false narratives promoted by the media about the deaths on January 6th.

Maxine Waters interference in the trial:  https://youtu.be/cNEz_TjCxnk?t=1027

Talking about UFO's:   https://youtu.be/cNEz_TjCxnk?t=1342

The general position of science is that "It is never Aliens."

From 27 to 31 minutes talking about Planned Parenthood distancing itself from its founder, Margaret Sanger, because of her racism.  https://youtu.be/cNEz_TjCxnk?t=1620

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